Remar Productions Presents:  Reggie Paul ..Mr. Smooth
...master of Caribbean and world rhythms.

Reggie prides himself on mastering various musical styles including Reggae, R & B, Light Rock, Calypso, Meringue, Bossa-Nova, Bolero and Jazz.

Sit back... Relax. Let the sounds of the tropics sweep you away as you browse the pages of one of the Caribbean's most popular performers. Reggie Paul...       One Love ..

Experience the magic. Listen to samples of your favorite music performed by Reggie Paul... the soul of the Caribbean.  Through the magic of the Internet we've made samples of many of Reggie's most popular favorites available for your pleasure... Enjoy..


"The same rhythms that made Jimmy Buffett and others famous are played  at virtually every entertainment spot in Monroe County, but few locals can match Reggie's balanced musical diet of Caribbean, South American and soul selections."
- Chris Fairbanks, Time Out magazine


Reggie Paul
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